Docu-film on fascism in the making by producers of ‘Debtocracy’ and ‘Catastroika’ – your support is needed!

Dear members and friends of AAfG, we’d like to draw to your attention the very worthwhile efforts on the part of the producers of ‘Debtocracy’ and ‘Catastroika’ to bring into production a docu-film on fascism, ‘Fascism Inc.,’/Φασισμος Α.Ε.’:Filming started in September 2013 and is due to be completed within the following months. The docu-film shall contain unknown short stories – past and present – highlighting the strong relationship between the rise of fascism and the financial interests it serves. The forthcoming docu-film looks at Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, Greece under Nazi occupation, the Greek Civil war, the dictatorship, and fascism across Europe, including in Greece. The new documentary will follow in the footsteps of Debtocracy and Catastroika, which described the causes of the Crisis, the impact of the austerity measures, the erosion of democracy and the sell-out of the country’s assets.

Several independent media outlets – among them the National Radio and TV Broadcaster (ERT) currently under workers’ occupation – have already offered to support the production team as media sponsors. Despite this, serious financial support to this project remains necessary.
This project is inspired by and aspires to motivate anti-fascist movements across Europe, while it continues one of the largest independent production experiments in the documentary field.

The producers categorically reject any funding from political parties and corporations, and they intend to release the documentary under a Creative Commons licence. In their efforts they need all the support they can get. AAfG kindly asks you to consider donating whatever you can via paypal to help bring this project to audiences and to help the antifascist cause!

You can find more information here:

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