5th of May event statement

On the Friday before AAfG’s fundraising music event, we were notified by the venue management of communication sent to them which was targeting and attempting to defame our event and one of the artists participating to it.

The communication, in the form of a flyer, was calling for far-right groups to disrupt the event, while branding it as ‘Anti-British’ and that it was to be ‘attended by both IRA and Muslim extremists’, in an attempt to stir up as much enmity as possible amongst those groups. The venue’s management informed us that they had contacted the police, and on Saturday night we were told that they had been advised to remain closed on the day.

While at present the identity of the fascists behind this is not clear, or that important to us, we take stock of the fact that AAfG was left with no other option but to issue a preliminary statement to inform those likely to attend that we were unable to go ahead with the event as scheduled.

We are disappointed about this outcome but at the same time we are more than ever determined to reschedule this event within the next few weeks, for which we shall have details with you in due course. We are neither intimidated by fascists nor discouraged from carrying out our antifascist and antiracist actions.

¡No pasarán!



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