Call to join the UAF counter-protest against neo-Nazi supporters of Golden Dawn

Call to join the Unite Against Fascism counter-protest against the protest by neo-Nazi supporters of Golden Dawn outside the Greek Embassy.

Saturday 29 November at 11 am, Opposite the Greek Embassy,

1a, Holland Park, London W11 3TP

(Nearest tube station: Holland Park)

British and other fascists plan to demonstrate outside the Greek Embassy this coming Saturday in a sick display of solidarity towards Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party that is the third political force in the Greek parliament.

Around 50 Golden Dawn leading members, including their MPs, await trial in Athens for a series of crimes outlined in a 700-page document prepared by a Greek Public Prosecutor; these crimes, amongst a lengthy list of other criminal charges, include: murders, weapon offences, violent attacks on immigrants and others, and the use of a party structure as a political front for the operation of a criminal organisation.

Golden Dawn comprises a most violent and virulent fascist organisation with leading members who openly admire Hitler. It was Golden Dawn supporters who in September 2013 murdered Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek anti-fascist rapper. Its murderous tactics have been long been tolerated by the Greek , however, its trial date is finally approaching.

AAfG calls upon all who oppose fascism in general and Golden Dawn in particular to join the UAF counter-protest.


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