Never Again! Demonstrate – No to racist Pegida UK! called by UAF

AAfG will be joining thic counter-demo called by UAF:

<<Pegida UK Islamophobes aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe. German anti fascists have responded brilliantly in taking the potential threat of PEGIDA seriously and continue to mobilise in their thousands against them; UAF stands completely in solidarity with German brothers and sisters. Thus, we will demonstrate on April 4th. Recently, a 3000 strong Newcastle Unites/UAF march recently humiliated the racists first mobilisation in Britain massively outnumbering their 300. Last weekend, just 4 Pegida bigots were in Edinburgh, where Edinburgh UAF hugely outnumbered them. We must do the same in London. UAF calls on all anti fascists to join us – reject Pegida’s hatred. Unity is strength!>>


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