AAfG Statement about the second anniversary of Pavlos Fyssas’ murder

Pavlos Fyssas, an antifascist rapper also known as Killah P, was murdered by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias on the 18th September 2013. It was a coordinated action directed by members high in the hierarchy of Golden Dawn, and ultimately decided by Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Michaloliakos. Michaloliakos has cynically admitted yesterday (16/09/2015) that he accepts the political responsibility for Fyssas’ murder, most likely in order to be treated more leniently in the ongoing trial of Golden Dawn, but one thing is for sure: Golden Dawn is a murderous neo-Nazi gang with a paramilitary structure. The spread of hatred, violence, and murder, is their dogma, normal practice, and ultimate goal, as with any fascist/neo-Nazi gang. The statement by Golden Dawn’s leader one day before the anniversary of Fyssas’ murder is an insult to every forward thinking person. This was no isolated incident, this was one of the many murders and violent attacks by Golden Dawn.

Fyssas’ murder sparked numerous mass protests in Greece and across Europe, which forced the then far-right PM of Greece Antonis Samaras to end his conspicuous love affair with the neo-Nazi organisation and initiate an investigation into the criminal gang. This led to the imprisonment of the Golden Dawn’s leader and high profile members. AAfG was formed in the UK on the 21st of September 2013 by a wide spectrum of mainly leftist activists, as a response to Fyssas’ murder and the numerous criminal attacks on immigrants, refugees, trade unionists, LGBT people, communists and leftists in Greece by Golden Dawn thugs. AAfG members have taken part in numerous actions against fascists and neo-Nazis in the UK, and have organised many well attended events such as public discussions about the threat of fascism, fundraisers for refugees, film screenings, an exhibition of drawings by refugee children, and a music event.

The current waves of refugees from Syria, and other ravaged by war states in the Middle East and North Africa, require the solidarity and support of all anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations and groups as well as progressive political organisations. Sadly, the response of the leaders of Fortress Europe has been discouraging. While thousands of refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean and more are still drowning on a daily basis, European countries raise walls and barbed-wire fences to keep them out, while security forces abuse them, and in many cases loot their belongings and even murder them. The concern of European leaders is not how to help the suffering refugees but how to minimise the numbers that their respective countries will allow in. Fascists and neo-Nazis are seizing the opportunity again to promote their racist agendas and blame the economic problems our countries are facing on immigrants, refugees, and the most vulnerable.

AAfG is calling all anti-racists and anti-fascists, as well as anyone who is concerned for social justice and democratic values, to keep up the fight against racism and fascism, and promote solidarity for refugees and those hard hit by austerity and the neoliberal capitalist agenda in Europe. Another future is possible, a future of mutual respect and co-operation amongst the peoples of the world, a future where the human rights of all people will be respected and inequalities will be extinct. Please join AAfG and help with our actions and the organisation of our future events. Let’s stop fascists from promoting their murderous ideology any further and smash them in their tracks.


AAfG 18/09/2015

In this photo dated June 21, 2011, Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas performs on stage. Fyssas, a hip-hop singer with the stage name Killah P and described as an anti-fascist activist, died early Wednesday Sept 18 from two stab wounds to the chest after leaving a cafe in the western area of Keratsini, Greece. Police arrested a suspect at the scene, who they say admitted to the killing and identified himself as a member of Golden Dawn. (AP Photo/John D. Carnessiotis)


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