AAfG Statement – April 2016

We are living through interesting times, where politics and the community have begun to acquire ‘meaning’ again, where people are re-establishing their philosophy of life, and where what was perceived as reality for many years, is now slowly evaporating. It is a state of affairs in which nobody knows in what type of world we shall wake up next.

Those of us who have spent the last 3 years actively participating in AAfG have seen these changes affecting us, our friends, and the society around us. But through these times when everything was rapidly changing and we were debating the best way forward, we knew that the only real answer was to stop navel-gazing and keep acting, keep moving, and keep fighting for a free world, emancipated from any source of fascism, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism – not just in Greece but everywhere.

That is why we have been involved in many acts of solidarity, and we have organised anything from rallies, to film screenings, to an exhibition of drawings from migrant children in detention centres, to music events – and we are actively working on more actions. But this has not been in a ‘straight line’. We are a group of persons without a hierarchy, we do not have a ‘party line’, and we do not subscribe to any regimented political position. We are a broad front of individuals who collectively work together for what we believe, and each one of us brings something different and new. And this has been our greatest strength these last three years.

And at a time where the refugee crisis, the austerity agenda, and the rise of racism and neo-fascism in Europe are reaching their peak, at a time when ‘civilised’ Europe is asked to prove whether it has ever had a Renaissance or it never left the Dark Ages, we remain adamant to our ideals and founding statement, and mobilise in whatever way we can to continue our struggle, from our side of history.

And to this fight we aim to be true, credible, and independent, following our pathway as set by our own judgment and collective consciousness, and without hesitating to re-evaluate our position according to ‘now’ and to adjust our direction accordingly – instead of persisting on an imaginary predefined path.

If you agree with our aims and modus operandi, then join our struggle for a world where nobody feels it is necessary to tread on others in order to survive. A world emancipated from any source of fascism, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism.


In Solidarity,

Anti-Fascist Action for Greece



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