Golden Dawn Trial: Audio-Visual Evidence

Omnia TV have reported on days 255 and 256 of the trial and published several videos evidencing the Nazi character of GD.

One shocking video shows how high-ranking Christos Papas has been educating his children in Nazi ideology:

<p><a href=”″>&Delta;ί&kappa;&eta; &Chi;&Alpha; – &alpha;&nu;&alpha;&gamma;&nu;&omega;&sigma;&tau;έ&alpha;: &Tau;&alpha; &beta;ί&nu;&tau;&epsilon;&omicron; &alpha;&pi;ό &tau;&omicron;&nu; &sigma;&kappa;&lambda;&eta;&rho;ό &delta;ί&sigma;&kappa;&omicron; &tau;&omicron;&upsilon; &Chi;&rho;. &Pi;&alpha;&pi;&pi;ά</a> from <a href=””>omniatv</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

For more see Omnia TV’s full report.


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