Full report on the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Forensic Architecture is now available

New evidence has been brought to light by the excellent work by Forensic Architecture.

  • At 23:58:11 on 17 September 2013, two pairs of policemen riding on two police motorcycles arrive at the scene, where Pavlos Fyssas and his friends confront a group of Golden Dawn fascists.
  • However, the police falsely reported that they were not called to the scene until 23:59.
  • The police also reported that only one team (of two motorcycles) were on the scene (00:01:26)
  • At 23:59:08 a convoy of eight motorcycles followed by two cars arrive; Fyssas’ killer, Georgios Roupakias, can be seen in one of the cars.
  • A few seconds later, at 23:59:40, the police motorcycles appear to arrive again. This means that the police left the scene and drove around the block. This is not included in any testimony by the police.
  • The time of the murder is estimated between 00:03:23 and 00:04:06.

It looks like the police left the scene to make space for the convoy to arrive.

Meanwhile, it is also known that Roupakias was identified as the attacker by Pavlos Fyssas himself and not by any policeman on the scene. Had Fyssas not done so, Golden Dawn would probably not be on trial today.

When Roupakias was arrested by police who happened to be in the area, not by the aforementioned motorcycle group, he reportedly told the police officers ‘I’m one of yours’.

All these raise serious questions about the complicity of the police that remain to be clarified.


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