Journalist targeted and injured by fascist thugs in Athens because of his antifascist work

During a nationalistic demonstration in Athens on Sunday 20 January, fascist thugs attacked journalist Thomas Jacobi in a most vicious and cowardly manner, injuring him primarily on the face and head, destroying his equipment and stealing stuff from him. Thomas Jacobi works for various international media and had worked with film maker Angelique Kourounis on the documentary “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair”.

The fascists targeted Thomas Jacobi because of his work. Audio footage of the events (in Greek) can be found here, where the attackers can be heard swearing at him and hitting him, as well as admitting that they targeted him because of his work on the documentary that revealed the inner workings and the neo-Nazi nature of the Golden Dawn party in Greece.

AAfG applauds the courage of Thomas Jacobi and expresses its solidarity and support for him and all journalists fighting fascism both in the streets and through their work.

You can watch the full documentary “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair” here.


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