Screening of ‘Golden Dawn – A Personal Affair’


What’s in the mind of the neo-Nazi next door?

Sunday, 22 May 2016, at 16:00

The screening will be followed at 17:30 by a Q&A session with the director of the documentary, Angelique Kourounis.

Khalili Lecture Theatre
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
University of London
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

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AAfG Statement – April 2016

We are living through interesting times, where politics and the community have begun to acquire ‘meaning’ again, where people are re-establishing their philosophy of life, and where what was perceived as reality for many years, is now slowly evaporating. It is a state of affairs in which nobody knows in what type of world we shall wake up next.

Those of us who have spent the last 3 years actively participating in AAfG have seen these changes affecting us, our friends, and the society around us. But through these times when everything was rapidly changing and we were debating the best way forward, we knew that the only real answer was to stop navel-gazing and keep acting, keep moving, and keep fighting for a free world, emancipated from any source of fascism, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism – not just in Greece but everywhere.

That is why we have been involved in many acts of solidarity, and we have organised anything from rallies, to film screenings, to an exhibition of drawings from migrant children in detention centres, to music events – and we are actively working on more actions. But this has not been in a ‘straight line’. We are a group of persons without a hierarchy, we do not have a ‘party line’, and we do not subscribe to any regimented political position. We are a broad front of individuals who collectively work together for what we believe, and each one of us brings something different and new. And this has been our greatest strength these last three years.

And at a time where the refugee crisis, the austerity agenda, and the rise of racism and neo-fascism in Europe are reaching their peak, at a time when ‘civilised’ Europe is asked to prove whether it has ever had a Renaissance or it never left the Dark Ages, we remain adamant to our ideals and founding statement, and mobilise in whatever way we can to continue our struggle, from our side of history.

And to this fight we aim to be true, credible, and independent, following our pathway as set by our own judgment and collective consciousness, and without hesitating to re-evaluate our position according to ‘now’ and to adjust our direction accordingly – instead of persisting on an imaginary predefined path.

If you agree with our aims and modus operandi, then join our struggle for a world where nobody feels it is necessary to tread on others in order to survive. A world emancipated from any source of fascism, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism.


In Solidarity,

Anti-Fascist Action for Greece


Actions: Migrants & Refugees

Please check out the below events about migrants and refugees due in the next few days as well as some fundraising pages that support various projects targeted to these groups.

a) Stand Up to Racism has called a vigil outside Downing Street at 6pm on this Thursday, 21st April, in response to hundreds of refugees drowning and to demand that the British and other EU governments change their policy on migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

b) Stand Up To Racism is organising a summit to bring together trade unionists and others to report back on their recent delegation to Calais, discuss latest developments across Europe and mobilise for a convoy to Calais in June. Sunday 24 April, 11am-5pm, Student Central, Malet Street

c) A fundraising page has been set up to support a project that distributes bananas to babies, children and breastfeeding mothers in Idomeni. You can find out more about this initiative in these links:

d) Another fundraising page has been set up to support a team that will travel to Calais on 30 April to distribute supplies to the people living in the camps.
Here is the link:


Saturday April 16th – London march for Health, Homes, Jobs, Education – End Austerity Now!!

Photos here

Stop the criminal elite now!!

AAfG will be participating in the ‘The People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ march this Saturday in London:

Join us this Saturday – April 16th in a mass demostration for HEALTH, HOMES, JOBS, EDUCATION, and to End Austerity Now!

Meeting point: Outside Waterstones Bookshop, Torrington Place, Junction with Gower Street, London, WC1E 6EQ at 1pm.

Half a million people marched the streets of London in last year’s demo against Austerity. One more year with the Tories elite in power NHS is collapsing to be fully privatised, renting or purchasing a home has become unimaginable, state-job wages are frozen since 2010, the scapegoating and anti-migrant/refugee propaganda is at its peak, all schools are now forced to be private (Academisation) by 2020, and Cameron’s government hypocrisy on tax evasion is now openly confirmed.

Look for the ‘Austerity Breeds Fascism’ banner!!
Stop the criminal elite now!!

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity FB Call:

In Solidarity


National Demo: Refugees Welcome Here: Stand up to racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism & fascism!

Update: For pictures of this demo please see here.


Join us this Saturday 19 of March in saying Refugees Welcome!

AAfG will be assembling at 1 – 2 Langham Place, W1B 3DE at 12 noon.

The following content is from the organiser’s page (Stand Up to Racism):


LONDON : Assemble 12 noon Portland Place London W1A 1AA
Followed by march and rally in Trafalgar Square
Join Facebook event here – invite your friends, share and tweet! 

SCOTLAND : 11am George Square, G13 Glasgow Click here for facebook event
WALES:  11.30am Clare Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 Click here for facebook event


Vanessa Redgrave Actor  Diane Abbott MP Claude Moraes MEP Jean Lambert MEP  Jeremy Hardy Comedian Michael Rosen Children’s novelist & poet Gary Younge Journalist Dave Ward CWU Gen Sec Christine Blower NUT Gen Sec Sally Hunt UCU Gen Sec Maurice Wren Chief Exec Refugee Council Harish Patel National Equalities Officer, Unite The Union Gloria Mills, Chair – TUC Race Relations Committee Talha Ahmad National Council, Muslim Council of Britain Zita Holbourne Co-Chair, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts  Marilyn Reed Sarah Reed Campaign for Justice/Blaksox Lee Jasper Movement Against Xenophobia Malia Bouattia NUS Black Students Officer Shakira Martin NUS VP Further Education  Shahrar Ali Deputy Leader, The Green Party Yusuf Hassan VP Federation of Student Islamic Societies Mohammed Kozbar Spokesperson, Muslim Association of Britain Maz Saleem Daughter of the Late Mohammed Saleem Stephanie Lightfoot Bennett Co-Chair, United Friends and Families Gerry Gable Editor, Searchlight Sam Fairbarn Secretary, People’s Assembly Against Austerity Lindsey German Convenor, Stop the War Coalition Sabby Dhalu and Weyman Bennett, Organisers – Stand Up To Racism

DOWNLOAD demo leaflet

DOWNLOAD ‘I’m standing up to racism’ sign – take a picture and tweet it @antiracismday

No to Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism & Scapegoating Migrants
Yes to diversity!

A racist offensive against refugees, migrants and Muslims is being pushed by some politicians and press. It is crucial we respond to this by standing in solidarity against attempts to divide our communities. The appalling treatment of refugees across Europe and the staggering rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes must be challenged.

Let’s send a message that drives back the tide of racism, fascism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and the scapegoating of migrants and refugees – we say refugees welcome here and yes to diversity!

Join the Europe-wide UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration when tens of thousands march across Britain, with major mobilisations in London, Scotland and Wales joining thousands in cities across Europe and around the world to say no to racism.

Stand Up To Racism has led some of the biggest anti-racist mobilisations in Britain of the last decade, including the UN Anti-racism day demonstrations of 2014 and 2015 and the 100,000 strong Refugees Welcome demonstration on 12th September 2015.

Join our Demo Days of Action
Thursday 10th March

– Leaflet your workplace local tube, place of worship
email us to order badges leaflets posters and stickers
Download latest leaflet here Take pictures of yourself, work colleagues, community group with our ‘Im standing up to racism’ sign and tweet your pics @antiracismday for a retweet: Download ‘I’m standing up to racism’ sign here
– Organise a coach to come to the demo from your local area or join one of our coaches Click here for Coaches from around the country

Join Facebook event here – invite your friends, share and tweet!

National Demonstration: Stop Turkey’s War on Kurds

6 March at 12:00–17:00
BBC Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA

More info here.


Turkey has launched a war on the 25 million Kurds of south east Turkey ever since the mainly Kurdish political party, the HDP twice won over 12% of the vote in the elections of 2015 and in Syria the Kurdish PYD has led a movement creating a popular progressive democracy in the Rojava region.

Rather than accept that sooner rather than later the rights and aspirations of the Kurdish people to autonomy must be met, in Turkey and beyond, the Turkish state has imposed curfews on towns and cities across the region, with tanks on the streets and snipers on the roofs, and nearly 200 people have been murdered by Turkish forces. An all out policy of anihilation is being pursued by Erdogan and the Turkish state.

Yet while Turkey is a key NATO ally of the UK and USA and desperate to get into the EU, the UK and international media have said and done nothing to stop this brutality.

The Kurdish movement in the UK have been protesting about their treatment by Turkey since 100,000 Kurds came to this country in the 1980s and 1990s, as refugees from the Turkish war against the Kurds when hundreds of villages were destroyed, 30,000 Kurds killed and 3 million made refugees.

But now for the first time, in the face of the Turkish state restarting the war against the Kurds, it has been decided to call a national demonstration under the slogan ‘Break The Silence’, as this brutal attack is unreported in the UK press, and Stop Turkeys War on the Kurds, as we will be demanding the UK govt puts pressure on Turkey to stop these attacks and return to the negotiations for a peaceful settlement with the Kurdish Movement began with the PKK, the Kurdish liberation movement.

Lastly we also call for the UK govt to decriminalise the Kurdish Liberation Movement, even though the PKK represents the vast majority of Kurds in Turkey and in the UK, is illegal in the UK, which creates serious barriers and difficulties in the search for a peaceful, political settlement.

Starts BBC, Portland Place, London 12 midday, Rally Trafalgar Square 2pm

Called by Kurdistan National Congress [ KNK] UK, Peace in Kurdistan and London Kurdish Solidarity

Supported by Democratic Union Initiative, Day-Mer, Gik-Der/RWCA, Kurdish Community Centre, Halkevi, Roj Women’s Assembly, Kurdish Students Union, PJAK [UK], Kurdish Question, @Hevallo, Stop the War Coalition, Plan C, Left Unity, Green Party, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party, Socialist Resistance, Alliance for Workers Liberty, Revolutionary Communist Group, Anti-Fascist Network (AFN), National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), TSSA,
In Turkish – Kürt Halkıyla Dayanışma – İngiltere